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When You Realize That You Haven’t Listened To Music While Out And About For FOUR Years


You’re witnessing the exact moment, on Mother’s Day 2013, when I realized that I hadn’t put headphones on, just for the sake of adding a soundtrack to my day, for FOUR years.  Probably a bit over, if we’re really being honest here.  Sure I’ve listened to music while working out or put one earbud in to listen to a movie on a plane (where you put the earbud in the opposite ear of where your kid is and try to pretend that you’re childless and that watching the movie is actually an option, do you know what I’m talking about?).

On Mama’s Day, the baby’s Daddy gave me the day/what, in reality, turned out to be 4 hours, to galavant about Hong Kong BY MYSELF.  And so, for four hours, I walked and got lost and listened to music and stopped wherever I damn well pleased.  It was glorious.  I thought that perhaps it would make me regret the fact that this was indeed, NOT my reality, but truth be told, galavanting about with two toddlers is just as great.  Different, yes, but still great.

I realized something else while I was alone.  There are many things that one doesn’t, or isn’t able to notice, when exploring with kids.  Likely, I would have never noticed this muralists’ color palette painted on the wall if I would have been pushing a stroller/had a sweaty monkey on my back.  HOWEVER, there are an equal number of things that one doesn’t notice, for lack of a child-like perspective, when exploring WITHOUT kids.  Such as, the snail making its way across the road or how easy it is to make friends.

At the end of the day, while I do dream of a time when the kids are grown and I can ride off into the night footloose and fancy free, they add a texture to travel experiences that I would have never known existed.  And for that, I am a grateful mama.



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