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This is What Jet Lag Looks Like

A little self deprecating humor never killed anyone, right?  I REALLY want to write something, but my jet lagged brain won’t allow it.  So instead, I’m going to show exhibits A-C, illustrating why.

It’s 10 am.  Day 2.  I feel like I closed a bar down last night.  Except that I very much didn’t.  And I just took the toaster cover off, ready to put the blender container on it.   This is how well I adapt when flying over 16 time zones.  NOT well at all.

This lady needs to slow travel her way around the globe.  Screw 12 hour flights.  It’s only freight ships from here on out.

1) Large pimple below left side of mouth.
2) Glossy eyes (that are quite bloodshot if you get a good view).  Right eye appears much smaller than normal (though, in truth, it’s always a little jacked).
3) Hair – fresh out of river bun, thrown up almost 24 hours ago.  So no, I haven’t showered.  And I’m planning on wearing the same thing I wore yesterday.

Yes, this look pretty clearly defines what my insides feel like.
And finally, EXHIBIT (C):

Just in case EXHIBIT (A) didn’t sufficiently show the size of the pimple.

I’m also trying to write a post about hip hippies, so please do me a favor, and stay tuned.

…until further notice.

Oh, and hey, on a positive note, my website is also jet lagged apparently and has javascript errors (no, I have NO clue what that means) up the whazoo… so you might not even be able to see the EXHIBITS.  Which would really be a shame.


sharon kilwein

LOVED your jet lad scenario but you are still a beauty!


Jet lag, bloody jet lag ;).

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