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On Weaning A Child Who Is Old Enough To Have Hair This Long

IT SUCKS.  Period.  He nurses like his life depends on it.  AND MY POOR NIPPLES HAVE HAD ENOUGH.  Seriously.

There is an array of life issues that arise through advanced/prolonged boob dependence, those are as follows:

Naps: without the boob, naps are facilitated only by 1) a car ride – which is impossible when you no longer own a car, 2) watching a show on the iPad – which has mixed results, or 3) a stroller ride – which doesn’t work when it’s raining – and it’s raining.

Public Opinion: LET ME BE CLEAR – I AM A HUGE PROPONENT OF BREASTFEEDING IN PUBLIC.  However, when you have a large toddler and are in a culture that is a bit baffled by the idea of it in the first place, it gets old, fast.  Come on buddy, can’t we AT LEAST keep these things private now that you’re old enough to ask for it, outright?

Mom’s Breasts: I’m honestly not one to care (or so I thought), but really guys, 4 years of collective breastfeeding renders them at least 4 decades less youthful than they would otherwise be.

And when you have an insufferably stubborn toddler, weaning feels like a lost cause.  We’ve come a long way but some days I’m fairly certain he’ll still be nursing when he’s 12, before and after school.