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You Know Things Are Out of Whack When…

1. Your 2 year old wakes up asking for “gumbos” – fruit snacks.

2. The standard for healthy kid food has been reduced to fortified flours.

3. Your still nursing child, after being night weaned for 9 months, starts waking up wanting to nurse, AGAIN.

4. Cartoon Network becomes an acceptable form of television.

5. You drink coffee until a reasonable hour comes for a glass of wine.

6. It takes almost 5 hours to finish a mini-load of laundry.

7. Your normally neurotic self has become entirely apathetic towards the disaster around you.

8. You’ve been fighting the same cold for almost 2 weeks, and haven’t yet lost… or won.

9. Going to the mall is actually a chosen destination.

and on a not-so-personal note…

10. It’s illegal to bring more than one can of INFANT FORMULA across a border due to shortages caused by demand from citizens on the other side (because formula made in their own country is not trusted).  2 YEARS IN PRISON, for wanting to buy your baby formula that you trust won’t kill them.

Yea, life is a little out of whack at the moment.  WELCOME TO TRANSITIONVILLE, population 4.