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Chinese Playground

Many things in China (well, to be fair, I can only speak to southern China) are bigger and plasticy-er than we’re used to in the US.  And there may be no better example than the playground we went to today.

(I think that I’ve just made it my goal to investigate playgrounds, country by country.  Which is highly ironic because truth be told, I DO NOT like playgrounds.  Never have.  Perhaps I have unhealed wounds from the time, in kindergarten, when I was punched dead in the gut while peacefully hanging from a giant ring and came crashing to the ground having had the wind knocked out of me for the first time.  Perhaps it’s the stomach virus or hand, foot, and mouth disease lurking around every corner.  Or maybe it’s the chit chatty mom’s corner.)

At any rate, I’ve sucked up my dislike and do indulge mis hijos as often as I can [muster up the will power].

And behold, Chinese plastic-blow-up playground:

This may very well not represent Chinese playgrounds in the slightest, for which I have no proof at this juncture…more research is required.  HOWEVER, at least here in humid southern China, it seems very fitting that the only thing resembling a playground was found on the basement level of a modern mall.  Next to a Walmart.  Behind a spattering of decaying brick buildings.