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On Moments When You Realize That You Won’t Have [Get] To Wipe Your Child’s Booty Forever

Little Miss went to her first ballet class (in China) last week.  It was the first class she’s fully and independently participated in, ever.  It was as if a new leaf had turned, unbeknownst to us and oila!, she was her own little confident being that didn’t NEED me.  That was until she began to give me a little check-in wave every few minutes.  Just a little wave to make sure I was still engaged, and she was back in the present moment of her class.

And then I realized something.

I’m not generally one to live in the world of how rosy it is to be a mother and appreciate how incredible each and every moment is.  BUT, during one of those heart melting waves, I realized that my little gal had already turned into something much more  independent than I knew and before long, she wouldn’t even require a reassuring wave from me.  AND THAT I NEEDED TO APPRECIATE THOSE MOMENTS – with a blink of an eye, that little waver will be gone and those moments will exist only in my memory of a particular time and place.

Psssst:  she’s the black swan with striped leggings – we, clearly, weren’t informed about the dress code.