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On Four Year Olds

She’s riding on a furry go-cart.  (By herself.  In the middle of a crowded courtyard.  Dangerous play is one of the perks of living in China.)  Just when I said to myself, she’s totally got this, she’d head straight for a planter box or a waddling baby.

4 is a fun[ny] age.  Just when you think they’ve rounded a corner of maturity, they do something that ensures you that no, toddler-hood is not quite behind them.

Just when you think that you can have a rational conversation, something about a monkey is inserted.

Just when you think that they’re capable of verbally communicating their frustrations, they melt down.

Just when you think they’re able to understand that painting on the walls is forbidden, you find a painted handprint… on the wall.

And yet, I wouldn’t wish for anything but her irrational, not-quite-big-kid, level of development.  Alas, there is PLENTY of time for that in her future.

On Child Device Addiction

We’ve got just about one of every iDevice one could own (the mister is in the industry, let’s just say), which is both a blessing and a curse.

Blessing =

* the ability to convert 1/4 cup to milliliters in a snap

* having a pretty bitchin camera at our fingertips [all the time] to catch the moments in between

* being able to skype with family half way around the world in a myriad of ways

* surviving an hour and a half immigration line with 2 sleep deprived, hungry children, thanks to Sesame Street.

Curse =

* the toddler monster becoming addicted to giver of said blessings and waking up at 6am, finding your phone, and saying/asking, “my phone?”.

* being TOOOOOOOO connected to things that can’t be touched

* forgetting that real books exist

* using them as a crutch/pacifier when the going gets tough and your kid needs a reset button.

EVERYTHING IN MODERATION, right?  Just as long as we can remember what constitutes moderation.  Some days I convince myself that I will adopt the Waldorf philosophy of keeping my kids away from computer (and its derivatives) stimulation and others, I’m grateful that Endless ABC’s just got me 30 minutes of writing time (it’s a pretty great app, go check it out – user beware – addiction may ensue).