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I’m Lauren.  And a mom.  (With another mommy-blog).  I spend an unhealthy amount of time dreaming about ancient mountain villages and getting lost in markets where I can only use hand gestures to communicate.  This seemingly small fact was my single biggest fear becoming a mother: losing the freedom to roam.  What I’ve since learned though, is that my journey can be their journey.  We can navigate through life, together.  Learning together.  Adventuring together.  We’ve gone on some great adventures, with our current being the most grandiose to date: relocating to China.  The mister took an exciting new job and now we’re learning how to build a life in a mysterious land where we can’t [technically] connect to Facebook and we don’t speak the language (yet).  There will be many more adventures to come.  And I will chronicle them here.

The word safari is a Swahili word, meaning To Journey.  And it’s also the name of my first born, my girl, capital S, Safari.  Safari Rose (born in 2009), whom we affectionately call Safari Roo and the inspiration for the name, which originated as a line of kids accessories but will currently act as a placeholder in the form of a blog.  In the family, there is also a boy (born in the end of 2010), who is named after a national park in Alaska, Denali.  Rounding out the unit is my old man, Scott.

I’m an at-home-mom, trying to figure out what I need to accomplish to feel personally fulfilled and not end up a resentful old hag who never realized her *dreams*  and balance the desire/guilt (can’t be too sure of which) of not being with my grommits 24/7.  I’ve started law school AND business school, both of which were cut short for very different reasons (hoping to tackle the MBA after I commit some time to learning Mandarin).  Even though I’m ready to start pulling teeth and have a glass of wine poured by 5 pm, most of the time I’m grateful for the unexpected direction my life went.  In the direction of kids, a husband, and a mortgage.  In that order, too.

If sarcastic commentary isn’t your thing or you tend to take jokes seriously, we may not be a good fit.  I’m a big-hearted, open-minded gal who has a tendency to see things in a satirical, grey tone.  The result of which may, at times, come off as shallow and small-minded.  Go figure.

Welcome to safariRoo, come, stay a while.




i think wine at 5pm is fine and dandy whether you are a stay-at-home-mommy or not! as far as pulling out your teeth, well your teeth are far too pretty for that right now. maybe wait 50 years until you are 50 years more haggardly.

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