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On When You’ve Only Seen The Setting Sun Twice in Two Months

And it wasn’t because you lived in Seattle.  But rather, because the place in which you lived was so heavily polluted by people and industry that the earth wasn’t able to satisfactorily clean the atmosphere.


You get REALLY excited to see a sunset.  And subsequently REALLY depressed about what humans are doing to our planet.

This was the first:

And this was the second (and last):

Where to go from there?  Hmmmmm.  Global warming, yea.  Asthma, yes.  Acid rain, yum.  And here I am, helping contribute to it all.  As a consumer, as a human.  And now I’m really stuck, where do I go from here, what meaningful impact can I have?  I can live as mindfully and consciously as I can, and teach my children the same.  I can be aware of the decisions I make as a human and as a consumer and the impact they have on the earth and its people.  I can use public transportation whenever possible, reuse before recycling, eat mostly plants, love my fellow humans, and not be too hard on myself when I stagger (among MANY other things).



As much as I-as one tiny human try to help you in this battle against ourselves…I never turn down a $50k trip to fly 2 people coast to coast. URRGGGHHHHH!


I know, I know. Sigh.

Roger Dutcher

There is no place I’ve been in the world that says ” humans are doing bad things to the planet” as strongly as China. Although I would put Mexico City in third place in the city rankings behind Shanghai and Beijing. Good thoughts on the subject Lauren!


Fortunately, our air quality is a tad bit better than Shanghai and Beijing, still bad, but better. Thanks for reading, Roger!

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