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Everywhere I Look, There Is ART

We’ve now vowed that should the need ever arise to furnish and/or remodel a home, we’ll most definitely head back to Bali and fill up a shipping container with Balinese interior (and exterior) handicrafts.  You quite literally can’t drive more than a kilometer without seeing either an artist studio where things are being made, a store selling the things that are being made, or an installation of the things that are being made.  From furniture to textiles, the range of goods produced in Bali by artisans is astounding.  A major downside, for me, is the use of virgin wood in most products and subsequent issues of deforestation, but there seems to be an emergence of reclaimed materials being used which is quite encouraging.  The island may have more temples per capita than coconuts.  They are EVERYWHERE.  And if it’s not an actual temple, much of architecture is so ornate and beautiful that it could easily be mistaken as one.  Point in case is the guest house found below.

Beyond products being made and sold on the island, the island itself is a humongous work of art.  Traffic circles are adorned with giant sculptures, guesthouses look like temples, and random pathways are intricately paved with flower designs.  Even bathroom doors in rinky-dink restaurants are beautiful.  The difference, for me, between the architecture of Bali and other Southeast Asian countries (say, Thailand) is that it’s so classic and tasteful.  Temples are ornate, but not over the top.  Sculptures are large, but not in your face.  And the woodwork.  Oh, the woodwork.


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