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Current Adventure: China Business Trip

We tagged along with Daddy on a Chinese business trip.  Much of our trip has had the kids in a position not unlike that of zoo animals, where everyone wants to pet, say hi to, take pictures of/with, and hold.  It goes something like this:

and this:

Safari now repeats my comment of “they like to pet [me] and say hi to [me] and take pictures with [me]”.  I’m not sure they’d turn out as very well balanced kids if we raised them in this environment, though I can’t imagine that they’d be quite as captivating as their hair darkened and grew out of their baby chub.  The littlest one, Denali, by the way, is MORE than agreeable to be picked up by a woman, passed around to all of her friends, then pose for said woman’s husband to take eighteen photos of his cute little squishy white cheeks.

We’ve debated charging a fee to photograph our brood, but thus far, they’ve only been paid in chocolate milk and various sketchy hard Chinese candies that may or may not have come out of a wrapper.