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Catch Me Over at Studio T (the Tea Collection Blog)!

In my debut guest post, I FINALLY write about all of the idiosyncrasies of daily life here in China.  Culturally, the US and China are like an apple and an orange and living here with two small children has been quite an adventure.  I’m so grateful for the opportunity to expose our children to such different cultural norms and also for their ability to soften and help shape my own perspective and experience of a new culture.

It couldn’t be more fitting for my post to be featured on the Tea Collection Blog – through their line of kids clothing, they aspire to connect people (especially the little ones) to the world and draw inspiration for their seasonal lines from cultures all over the globe.  Hop on over (by clicking the photo below) and read away!  And while you’re at it, check out their new line inspired by Urban China.




Great article Lauren, very interesting read. You are a pioneer.


Thanks, Austyn! But I’m not sure about a pioneer, hundreds of thousands of mothers have come before me ;).

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