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Carnivorous Children and Going Vegan-ISH

Okay, you guys.  We have a slight familial problem.  Despite the fact that both the mister and I eat mostly a plant based diet (but are often times opportunistic eaters when out of the house), our children (mostly the bigger of the two), are CARNIVORES.  Like, for real.  While, yes, it IS true that they only have the choices that we give them in terms of food options, so, in theory, one SHOULD be able to effectively choose for them whether they are to be carnivores or herbivores, I also believe they should be given the option (when given the facts).  The bigger little (4 years) has made the CONSCIOUS decision to eat meat.  She fully  understands (well, as fully as a 4 year old can) what she is eating and despite the fact that she adored her beloved chickens back home, she has no qualms chewing on a chicken foot given gratis at a Chinese restaurant.  Same goes for eating things like shrimp tails (yes, the hard part) and lots and lots of pork (or piggy as she calls it).  I try to be as blunt and informative as possible, in an honest effort to curb her meat consumption.  SHE HAS BEEN GIVEN THE INFORMATION and has made the choice.  What else can I do but be supportive?  There are times, though, I have to be honest, when I’m thankful that at least we can get her to eat some source of protein when on the road and the most nutritious thing she’s eaten all day has been fortified crackers.

Meanwhile, I’m personally taking baby steps back into a fully plant based diet.  It feels right, it’s always felt right.  As life has become stressful and days have been boiled down to survival, my convictions have deteriorated over time.  I feel them building back up, though, and I think surviving the day can now include staying disciplined about what I’m putting into my body.  When I say vegan, it’s not in the strict sense of the word; it’s simply the best way to paint the picture.  It’s more of a whole foods diet, really (minus the animal protein), but I’m not exactly jumping on the Paleo train.  I’ll trade coffee for tea, meat for veggies, and forget about the dairy altogether (which is much easier when you’re in Asia).  I’ll cut down on grains and TRY to eliminate wheat entirely.  Though I don’t think I’m particularly sensitive to wheat, I still feel it working my large intestines – in a not good kind of way; it’s an inflammatory food, as are most animal based products.  I’m debating eggs and won’t go as far as to cut out honey; my reasons for eating this way have more to do with the environment and my body and less about animal rights (which still play a small role).  And one meal of the day will be totally raw, most likely blended up in the Vitamix.  My body is only as healthy as the foods I put into it and the planet is only as healthy as the food we grow on it.

My hope (I say this a lot) is that our influence will eventually rub off on the kids, but for now, I’ll take what I can get and let them eat meat.  Let them eat meat!



Mostly been eatin’ vegan..but do like those chicken eggs. Feeling more energetic and it feels right for ME. But my little lady has been craving not only meat but god forbid…RED MEAT. Don’t get it! Explained how many bath tubs of water, oil, and families in America could be fed vegan off her 1 pound of beef, but…she smiles and orders a big steak :)
On some level, she must need it more for growin’ and its in moderation! Just choose your battles wisely and stay away from hot “dogs” In China!


I love it, Sandy. What else are you going to do but let her eat it?! I was just talking to a woman yesterday who is raising her child as a vegetarian and I think that it requires the parents be hardcore about it, for the kids to take it on… and we haven’t been hardcore about it ;). I also believe that small amounts of meat consumption (especially when sourced ethically) is no less earth friendly than abstaining completely. And FRESH EGGS, who can deny them?

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