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Airplane Meals: To Eat or Not to Eat?

Are you a take-what-they-serve-me kind of flyer?  Truthfully, it’s hard not to be these days, with most airlines only offering free food on flights long enough to give you a pulmonary embolism.  Airline food, all wrapped and heated in phthlalate ridden plastic, in it’s often times unidentifiable state, surely isn’t the most appealing part of airplane travel.  My main squeeze (also identified as my husband/partner) is so weary of airplane food that most often he refuses, instead stocking up on super expensive airport food for the flight (but he’s also a business traveler and as any business travel knows – everything is paid with monopoly money – well earned monopoly money).  But not me.  My mother very firmly ingrained the inability to deny free shit, so even though my rational brain says no, my frugal one says, you must.  Now, while you most definitely can not get around the whole heated in plastic part, you can improve the food part.  I’ve tried a number of different options, most in the meat free direction, but none have matched the Hindu Vegetarian meal.  On my last flight from San Francisco to Hong Kong, I shit you not, I enjoyed not one but TWO airplane meals.  ENJOYED.  No gagging it down (or up) necessary.

And so, fellow travelers, this is today’s travel tip:  make sure to opt for the Hindu Vegetarian meal on your next mind-numbingly long flight.

P.S.  This advice is, clearly, only for those who like me, fly bottom-of-the-barrel-next-to-the-toilet, economy.  For those of you who are fortunate enough to fly business or first, I loathe you.

P.P.S. When I say TWO airplane meals, I don’t mean that I asked for seconds as it could be interpreted, but that they offer you TWO meals on the flight from San Francisco to Hong Kong – Dinner and Breakfast.  Laughing my booty off at the thought of me asking for seconds, though.



Bev @ Linkouture

I don’t typically mind airplane meals (if there is actually one being served…although in South America they will actually serve you a a pretty good little sandwich even on a half-hour flight!) I once had to eat a Kosher for Passover airplane dinner. Uck, it was truly awful.


Yea, it seems like only American commercial airlines are into pinching the pennies off cheap airplane meals (same thing in Asia – even on a 2 hour flight, you’re offered a hot meal). Thanks for sharing your experience… I’m telling ya, Hindu Vegetarian is where it’s at ;).

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