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30 Things That Simply MUST Be Done In Life

Turning 30 has found me reflecting about my life, surprise-surprise.  I’m not quite sure that I want to call this a bucket list – but that’s basically what it is – with the exception that some have already been accomplished (but may require repeating).  I’ll call it a Life List.  There are just some things in life that you have to check off the list, right?

Here are 30 things that simply MUST be done in the next 30 years:

1) Skydive*

2) Dye hair opposite color

3) Bungee Jump*

4) Take the Trans-Siberian Railway from China to Europe

5) Trek the Annapurnas in Nepal

6) Climb a 14,000+ft mountain

7) Run a marathon

8) See the Northern Lights

9) Road trip the US (Europe, Australia, and New Zealand) in a campervan (but possibly a proper RV)

10) Shave head*

11) 30 day juice cleanse

12) Build a house (for yourself but not by yourself)

13) Raise a farm animal (or 10)

14) Learn to make cheese (preferably goat)

15) Cycle across a country

16) Own a business

17) Go to Burning Man

18) Raft class 5 rapids (without dying)

19) Make your own chair

20) Grow hair out really long and dread it (before chopping it all off again)

21) Get a tattoo

22) Upholster a house full of furniture to hand down to your children

23) Earn a Masters Degree (a PhD would also be acceptable)

24) Own a motorcycle (and take an epic trip)

25) Visit Antartica

26) Get scuba certified

27) Be a ski bum for a season (in Switzerland, preferably)

28) Go on an extended Safari (with Safari)

29) Learn to kiteboard

30) Go to Everest Base Camp in Tibet

*items already done – need to be repeated.

How many of you have written out your own Life List’s?  Are they full of adventure/destinations or skills to learn/do?



Yes, yes, yes! Such a great list. I pretty much would say all of yours (except bungee jump – I have NO desire. Nor do I want to shave my head but I would dread it). I also would love to live in another country for at least a year, live in NYC for a year, write a book (preferably one about traveling), become a truly gourmet chef, take pastry classes in France, become a wine and beer expert (basically spend lots of time tasting!), face my fear or suba diving and give it a try, work at a job that I really feel makes a difference in the world, advocate for orphans and those living in poverty, and visit Jerusalem. I’m sure there are more in my head those are just the ones at the top.

And HAPPY 30th BIRTHDAY! I’ve been in my thirties for nearly a year now and I have to say it’s a pretty good time!
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And YES to your additions! There are definitely more than 30 on my list, but 30 seemed like such a relevant number ;). Thanks for sharing, Anna!

sharon kilwein

Quite the ambitious life list Lauren! You will surely be the one to complete this list!

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